About Us
About Us
Company Name:Shenzhen Super Fiber Novel Material Co.Ltd(SFNM)
Address:No. 33, Langbi Road, Songgang street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
Contacts:+86 135 0287 4473
Phone:+86 0755-33188356
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   Shenzhen Super Fiber Novel Material Co. Ltd (SFNM) is an enterprise specializing on research and development as well as manufacturing of impact and blast resistant lightweight composites. SFNM has organized  research and development of novel lightweight composites since 2005. Throughout 10 year development, SFNM has developed the world leading advanced lightweight composite systems, also filed several patents that can be put into a production line. SFNM is specialized in research, development and production of novel lightweight composites, providing new manufacturing technologies as well as professional approach on solving material and structural requirements by clients. The composites developed are of lightweight nature (most of these composites density are less than 1g/㎝³, stiffness is 3 to 8 times as much as steel, high energy absorption (up to 150 kJ, which is equivalent to impact energy generated by an object weighing 1.5 tons dropping from a height of 10 m), high tensile strength (>3500 MPa, which is 7-9 times of that of steel), as well as high modulus of elasticity (220-300 GPa, also greater than steel). The main products include six categories of more than 100 products. We can also design and manufacture various composites based on clients’ requirements. SFNM treats product quality as an absolute essential element and follows a mutual benefit corporation model. The final goal of SFNM is to become a world class manufacturer of lightweight impact resistant composites as well as designer of user-oriented materials.