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About Us
Company Name:Shenzhen Super Fiber Novel Material Co.Ltd(SFNM)
Address:No. 33, Langbi Road, Songgang street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
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1.A new type of energy bus interior (floor, side panels), battery shell (against external shock, through the protective box with the specialised designed core structure to achieve progressive collapse and absorb impact energy, so as to protect the battery from being destroyed)

2.CRH rail car floors, interior decoration, luggage rack, etc, the use of SFNM design of lightweight composite structures, weight loss can be 20 - 50%, significantly saving energy consumption.

3.In the field of marine engineering, the hull and interior components of ships and yachts use FLMs and sandwich structure designed by SFNM to reduce weight by more than 15---35%, while the speed is improved, and the fuel consumption, is also greatly reduced.

4.Aviation field, SFNM design of carbon fibre truss structures, ripple structure and laminated structure material used for hatch, helicopter rotor, amphibious aircraft wing, fuselage and pontoon, cargo aircraft floors, etc.

5.SFNM products in the construction field, can be used for building exterior wall, corve roof shaped large buildings, special anti-collision, explosion-proof doors and walls, and the general light wall and floor (high load bearing  floor). These materials are characterized by low weight, impact resistance, designed plasticity, high strength / weight ratio, corrosion resistance, low heat conductivity, noise elimination, insulation and so on.

6.The car floor, ceiling and other parts of the use of SFNM designed  composite materials, weight  can be reduced  20 - 50%.

7.Some equipments items can be placed inside space truss structures designed by SFNM , save space but also reduce the effect of irradiation on aerospace equipment;specially designed FML structures can be used in anti-collision parts of spacecraft, effectively resist the impact of space debris on spacecraft.

8.Equipment manufacturing, material structures designed by SFNM in stiffness / weight optimization based on the requirement on the weight reduction (15---45%). Customers can choose small power motor, reduced weight of robot arms to achieve  the easy and quick dynamic manoeuvre.

9.Medical field, SFNM structural materials can be used to achieve lightweight of medical equipment, which does not absorb X rays, used in manufacturing medical X ray machines and orthopedic stents.


  SFNM designs of lightweight structural composite materials can also be used for bulletproof, communication towers, power transmission towers, VR console, Pallet weight reduction in logistics industry, anti-theft door (anti-drilling, anti-sawing material), basket, etc.