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1. Composites fabrication technicians

Make material samples, assist to finish mechanical parameter test of composites.

Job Requirements:
1. At least one year working experience in composites industry, understand the applications of carbon fiber, glass fiber, structural core material, familiar with the main molding process.
2. Initiative and strong execution ability, able to efficiently manufacture customerised composite samples.
3. Proficient in mold design is preferred (Solidworks, Pro-E)
Companies in accordance with the European and American company system management (five working per week), in providing a good working environment at the same time, staff-friendly management. Looking for someone who are willing to grow up with the company to join us.

Academic requirements: finish high school study, recruitment of 2 people

2. Composites structural design CAE Engineer

Responsibilities: according to customer's requirements, carry out the structural design and the finite element modelling of composite materials and structures.

Job Requirements
1.Skilled use of commercial finite element software ABAQUS or other similar software and design software (Solidworks, Pro-E, Catia), according to customer requirements for design, analysis and calculations
2. Familiar with all kinds of composite molding process, with strong practice ability
3. At least one year working experience in composite materials or equivalent industry.
4. Dedication, rigorous, efficient play.

Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above