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We provide our customers with the following services

1.According to the customers’ requirements on materials (such as strength, stiffness, impact and blast resistance, energy absorption, self-weight, etc.), a novel design and manufacturing processes can be provided. Customers can only seek design solutions and manufacture the composites by themselves. They can also produce the designed composite materials with other manufacturers.

2.The composite materials and structures can be produced to comply with the specific design provided by the customer.

3.To undertake various tests on composite materials and components, including tension, compression, bending, shear, impact, etc., to obtain the relevant material properties (tensile, compressive, shear, flexural strengths, modulus of elasticity, Poisson’s ratios, energy absorption), deformation and failure modes.

4.To provide technical advices and design assistance, such as the finite element simulations of the response of composite materials and structures subjected to extreme loading conditions (impact, explosion, thermal stress).